Core Mechanics Edit

Long Term Goals Edit

Exploring Edit

Exploration is the main mechanic in this game. The Player explores narrative Elements, geografical Areas, Mechanics(Spells etc) and Collectables.

Progressing Edit

The Player collects Items and learns new mechanics (Spells etc.). He improves his Skills the longer he plays.

Short Term Goals Edit

Survival Edit

Losing all of the Players Health is his Antigoal. He has to decide if he should avoid a fight, search for ways to increase health and watch out for traps etc. The Player should always fear dying to hold the excitement of the game.

Fighting Edit

A Fight should always confront the Player with different problems. Its about tatics and speed. Different Enemies are important so that the Player has to make real choises. The main goal to cause fun is to make the player frequently cast different spells. Variety is important here.

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